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Monday, November 17, 2014

Christmas Cookie Time...Yum!

 It's the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas Cookie time! With all the Pinspiration out there I get excited about making Christmas cookies long before the halls are decked. So why not plan a cocoa and cookies party or a cookie exchange. It is a great way to get your friends or your little ones friends together for the holidays and have a little fun.

To get ready for the party I designed some adorable little penguin invites...who doesn't love  a chubby little penguin? You can find these and many more design in my shop.

It all starts with the cookies, picking out your favorite cookie cutters and making the cookies. Sugarbelle has the recipe for the most amazing sugar cookies
. It is the best I have found the cookies turn out perfect and don't spread which makes it easy to identify the shapes. I also used their amazing icing recipe. I prepared the cookies 2 days ahead of time so they could settle, I also used teh royal icing (firmer recipe) to draw an outline so the kids could flood the cookies with ease. We had kids from 2 to 11 attend. Everyone had a blast giving the cookies their own unique flair. I supplied all the trimmings and decorations in small shallow bowls so everything was at their little fingertips.

 I found the cutest polka dot boxes at Hobby Lobby.I added a chalkboard sticker from the $1 bins at Target to personalize each box. The kids each got 6 cookies to decorate and take home. I even bought some Publix plain sugar cookies for them to decorate like baking required.
These are what the cookies look like with just the royal icing outline. Prepare them the night before so they have time to dry.

I never was able to find mini plastic squeeze bottles so I had to improvise. I used mason jars so the icing wouldn't spill, they were great for small hands and easy to hold. Just attach plastic disposable tips to the opening of the jar. Metal tips and plastic collar to seal it up. They worked like a charm!

When making your icing make a large batch. Separate into bowls and then add coloring. I like to add gel coloring found at craft stores for vibrant colors.

Royal Icing by Sugarbelle
  • 2 pounds {one bag} confectioner's sugar {907 grams}
  • 5 tablespoons meringue powder {approximately 53 grams}
  • 2-3 teaspoons oil-free extract or emulsion
  • 1/2-3/4 cups warm water

Cookies go great with a  little cocoa!
and don't forget the peppermint marshmallows....yum!

Each little one had their own penguin cup to keep as a souvenir, found these at Joann's on clearance perfect for the party.
 The adults had just as much fun pitching in and icing the cookies as the kids did.
 Ta Da! Look at those beautiful cookies made by our little friends, they had a great time and made a lot of memories with each other a great Christmas tradition.
The kids had so much fun making cookies that we totally forgot about the peppermint cake...oh well!

Join me on pinterest for some cookie exchange recipes and more

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Teenage mutant ninja turtles.....A totally radical party!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!!!!!!
Totally Radical Dudes, perfect theme for our favorite 4 year old. He was so excited to have the Ninja Turtles be the theme of his party. Amanda pulled off a perfect event for little Mack.'
We joked as we were setting up that we felt like we were on an HGTV party special, only getting about 15 minutes to setup and get ready. I think we did a pretty good job!

 Favors were cute puzzles found at the Dollar tree.
Adorned with some ribbon and a cute custom tag from the TMNT kit found at Magic by Marcy  To go with the whole TMNT theme Amanda used regular household items in creative ways. a metal trash can held the favors, and tine cans served as the base for the clothesline that held the kid's masks. The boys were all thrilled to bounce around the gym in their Ninja Turtle masks. She creatively cut them from felt, super easy for the kids to tie on and go!

The backdrop was made from science boards and construction paper, a night time cityscape helped transform the multipurpose room at the gymnastics center. Pizza boxes were used as the cake stand and a one of a kind cake was created by our friend and go to cake lady Marilyn. Her tasty cakes are always a show stopper! She takes the invitation and creates a cake to match. She is simply the best! One of my favorite time & money saver tips use brightly colored wrapping paper as a table runner, it dresses up the table provides a punch of color, stores easy when packing for an away party and you just throw it away when you are done.

I designed Custom Food tent cards for the occasion. Amanda had to get creative with some TMNT approved goodies. Ooze was green jello with some slimy gummy worms. Just love those cute paper cups! Oreos were a perfect choice for some sewer manhole covers.

The invitations helped set the tone for the day, all 4 of Mack's favorites were on the invite.
Of course he can name them all....not sure if Amanda and I can!

Purchase your Invitations at Magic by Marcy

Green Hawaiian Punch is a perfect choice for this theme! Wrap it with a custom water bottle label and add some clear packing tape to create a waterproof label.

Everything was just perfect for Mack's Big Day!
or this party and more visit Magic by Marcy

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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Arrgh! Calling all Pirates....let's Party!

Ahoy Mateys! Calling all Pirates!
My son is into everything pirate, so when it came to his 3rd birthday party it was no surprise when he said he wanted a Pirate party for his Birthday. Check out some of the Pirate fun!

My latest Party kit is just perfect for a pirate party. All designs are emailed within 48 hours so even if you are looking for some last minute decor for your party it is a great time saving option.

For favors I found the cutest pirate hats and swords at Target. They were very inexpensive, I added a few pirate tattoos and eye patch and put it all in a bucket from Party City. Instant Pirate outfits for our little mateys. Just add a custom favor tag with some striped ribbon. Our sons birthday present from us was a sandbox so we used it to bury a little pirate treasure ( some beads and coins) the little pirates had a great time finding their treasure and loading up their buckets.

His water table (a birthday gift from his grandma) made for some instant playtime fun. The kids had a blast in the sand and water.

The little Pirates got a chance to walk the plank! I bought a piece of wood from home depot, added a little dark stain and then painted the words walk the plank using craft paint. I used a blue table cloth underneath to act as water and added a plastic shark, the pirates enjoyed a few sword fights on the plank!

For food I gathered a few ideas from Pinterest, you can view my board HERE. The crowd favorite were the cannon balls ( sweet and sour meatballs) super simple and easy to make in the crock pot, the kids used the swords to pick them up and they were an instant crowd favorite. The PB&J Fish & Chips were also a hit, each one was served in a little bread loaf box I found at Homegoods. a simple way to serve individual portions. We enjoyed some Rum ( Hawaiian Punch). You can find paper straws almost anywhere these days I picked up a few at Target and Hobby Lobby, just add to a simple mason jar with a ribbon for easy use.

The Birthday boy loved his treasure box cake, we utilized a local cake baker, can you believe that this cake was only $20! She is an amazing artist that is for sure!

The printable kit from my ETSY shop also includes a Happy Birthday Banner and water bottle labels. For the banner just cut slits on each side and string ribbon through to hang. My husband helped me create the Pirate sail for the food table it was such an easy project and my son's reaction to it was priceless. Just purchase 3 dowels, drill a hole and slide the smaller ones through. I cut slits into the fabric and threaded it onto the dowel like a curtain. At the top we drilled a hole in a bucket from the $1 store. Add a pirate flag and Viola! instant Pirate Ship!

My son had a 3rd Birthday party that was exactly what he was dreaming of, fun with his friends and a pirate adventure that he won't soon forget!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What Christmas Card Photos actually look like

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November is in full swing and the sound of jingle bells is just around the corner. It is time to start thinking of your Christmas card plans. I know if you are anything like me you have a vision in your head of how your Christmas card should look. You spend hours roaming Pinterest and logging miles at the mall searching for just the right color, style and fit to outfit your entire family. Then comes choosing the right photographer and location. Lots of bribes and candy later you hope you have at least one shot you can actually use to send Christmas cheer to your loved ones.....some years it actually takes an act of GOD to actually have everything align just right. No matter how hard I try each year and how much I plan our photos go a little something like this...

and you know what I wouldn't have it any other way. I like the silly, fun craziness that is my family and these sanpshots, while not perfect ( far from it) are us, silly crazy and fun.
Once you have spent so much energy getting just the right photo you need just the right card. Magic by Marcy specializes in creating custom cards that fit your unique style. I would love to design what you are dreaming of. Check out my online store. ..and when it comes to printing you can't go wrong with MPIX  you can't find better prices or quality anywhere.

Their paper and finishing touches truly make your Christmas cards sparkle. We chose the pearl finish, it was a great subtle shimmer that really made our card stand out.
Adding rounded corners gave it a custom what are you waiting for go take some fun (not perfect pictures) and send them on over I would love to get started on your custom creation today!
See this design and more at Magic by Marcy

Monday, April 15, 2013

It's a Pajama Party

My daughter just turned five and hosted her first ever sleepover.  She was so excited about all of the details for her very special 5th Birthday. The party was designed around grey and white chevron fabric I found and fell in love with. Niki with HootyCutie made Kaitlyn the perfect Birthday outfit.
The chevron skirt has a detachable green and white polka dotted sash so I can change out the colors if I wanted to mix and match for different occasions. I designed the shirt to match, it was just a simple tank top from old navy, I used iron on fusing to attach the square of chevron and the polka dotted letter, It was finished off by sewing around the edges to prevent fraying when washed.....looks like a custom monogram or applique for a fraction of the cost.

This birthday girl was looking forward to a fun filled night with her besties and had a wonderful time giggling the night away with her little friends!
Kaitlyn helped with all of the planning she chose what things she wanted to do at her party as well as what favors her guest would receive. She wanted all of her little friends to have pajamas for the party so we picked out some fabric and enlisted the grandmas and their sewing machines. My mom Grandma DD made the pants, and Miss K and I ironed on the initials for the shirts, Grandma J embroidered around each one giving them a finished look for a lot less that traditional monogramming. To make shirts like this use iron on adhesive, cut out your shape and letter then use the iron to adhere them to a shirt. The embroidery around the letters help them to stay in place without fraying. The girls looked so adorable in the matching pajamas.
Each of her little guest received custom PJ's as their favor, the colors were so bright and fun and looked adorable on everyone.

We set her room up for the party. It was the perfect backdrop for the occasion, it is fun to think outside of the box when decorating for a party, make use of items you already have and transform an ordinary room by re-purposing it for the event. The girls had a great night ahead of them. They all had a lot of giggles playing dress up and struting their stuff down the hallway runway, we had princesses, ballet dancers and even a mermaid make an appearance. After dress up the girls each got a chance to be their own chef, everyone was given a small ball of homemade pizza dough (by homemade I mean Publix Bakery....YUM!) they rolled it out into a shape of their choice ( we had circles, hearts, and moons) they added some of their favorite toppings and we popped them in the oven to bake. While the pizza was cooking we brushed off our Carnival skills playing XBOX Kinect Carnival games...if you ever want to laugh, and I mean laugh hard try to talk 5 giggly 4 & 5 year olds through the menu on XBOX Kinect...It's a hoot.

After pizza and games we helped the girls create their very own ice cream sundaes. They added fun toppings, there was lots of pink of course, and chocolate too! And once their sundaes were made they were ready to dive in with their adorable wooden chevron spoons from The Bakers Confections I just can't say enough about this great company. Their adorable items really gave a custom feel to our party, they arrived in adorable packaging and were the talk of the party (amongst the adults of course)

We just love these adorable spoons from The Bakers Confections they sell the most adorable items for parties. We found matching chevron straws and chevron treat bags there as well. They were perfect little popcorn bags. The straws were a hit as well, the girls just loved the bright colors!
The Chevron straws looked adorable on the flavored water bottles, I purchase flavored water from Target for $1, peeled off the label and added some scrapbook paper to add some color, I attached the straws with bakers twine (which you can also get from The Bakers Confections) It looked adorable and was a great way to showcase those amazing chevron straws!

After our sugar rush of cake and ice cream we were ready for some popcorn and a movie! It was exactly the kind of pajama party my little 5 year old was dreaming of! Once all the pillows and blankets were laid out and the girls were watching their movie, it dawned on me, I had just survived her first "sleepover" and I know that there will be many more to come.

 The cake was designed to match the invites I designed. You can find them at  Magic by Marcy A local friend here in town has a passion for creating these amazing cakes. She does such a fabulous job!

 Cake by Marilyn Gingerich
Paper Products by: The Baker's Confections 
Party Outfit: Niki at HootyCutie
Pajamas: By The Grandmas (Donna & Jeannette)
Invitations by: Magic by Marcy
Party Designed by: Marcy Grauer

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