Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What Christmas Card Photos actually look like

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November is in full swing and the sound of jingle bells is just around the corner. It is time to start thinking of your Christmas card plans. I know if you are anything like me you have a vision in your head of how your Christmas card should look. You spend hours roaming Pinterest and logging miles at the mall searching for just the right color, style and fit to outfit your entire family. Then comes choosing the right photographer and location. Lots of bribes and candy later you hope you have at least one shot you can actually use to send Christmas cheer to your loved ones.....some years it actually takes an act of GOD to actually have everything align just right. No matter how hard I try each year and how much I plan our photos go a little something like this...

and you know what I wouldn't have it any other way. I like the silly, fun craziness that is my family and these sanpshots, while not perfect ( far from it) are us, silly crazy and fun.
Once you have spent so much energy getting just the right photo you need just the right card. Magic by Marcy specializes in creating custom cards that fit your unique style. I would love to design what you are dreaming of. Check out my online store. ..and when it comes to printing you can't go wrong with MPIX  you can't find better prices or quality anywhere.

Their paper and finishing touches truly make your Christmas cards sparkle. We chose the pearl finish, it was a great subtle shimmer that really made our card stand out.
Adding rounded corners gave it a custom look....so what are you waiting for go take some fun (not perfect pictures) and send them on over I would love to get started on your custom creation today!
See this design and more at Magic by Marcy


  1. My Christmas card turned out so incredibly cute this year! Many thanks on a job well done!

    Merry Christmas,
    Kathy Graves


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