Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Fairy Birthday!

I had such a blast creating this fairy themed birthday for my two year old daughter, everything from the favors to the food was fairy themed. I made a cake in the shape of a mushroom by using a rice krispie base molded into the shape of a mushroom base. And a bundt cake for the top of the mushroom. For some fairy food treats I made star sandwiches with strawberries and strawberry cream cheese cut into little stars. I used mozzarella cheese sticks and cherry tomatoes to create little toadstool snacks, brushed with a little olive oil and Italian seasonings they were definitely a crowd pleaser. I hand dipped pretzel sticks into pink chocolate and sprinkles to create mini fairy wands.
For favors each little fairy got their very own fairy wings and wand ( I embellished these with stickers I created, order your very own at my etsy site)
Everyone had a fairy Good time!


  1. Hi!!! I LOVE the mushroom/toadstoll cake. I have seen many of these cakes online and yours is one of the best! We are doing a garden fairy party for our 5 year-old in March. How did you do the top of the mushroom with a bundt cake? Did you do two cakes and carve it to a dome? Do you have any place where you have step-by-step directions for putting the mushrool together? Thank you!!!

  2. meant....mushroom, not mushdrool :)

  3. I'd love to know the answer to the above question as well. thank you!!


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