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So "tweet" a birdy baby shower

What better way to welcome a new baby than with this so "tweet" baby shower. Such a cute way to celebrate the mama to be.

designed by Magic By Marcy

I love creating decorations that dd a simple yet custom touch to your party. This pennant banner is a simple to sew project that anyone beginning to use a sewing machine can tackle...but no worries if you can't sew. You can create the same look by cutting the fabric using pinking shears and using fusible hemming tape and you  iron instead of the sewing machine. I used fusible webbing to iron on the letters to the banner. It provides a custom touch to your party and a special memory for the guest of honor to use in their nursery once their little one arrives.

 I love using things around the house for party decor. It helps to keep party planning cost down and also adds a custom touch that you won't see at every party you attend. I purchased this mini greenhouse and birdhouse several years ago at my local Joann Fabrics. It definitely gives the party a shabby chic feel.

 Tissue Paper Pom Poms

Tissue paper pom poms are a great way to add a lot of color for a little money. Each pack of tissue paper makes one large pom pom. I buy mine at walmart or Hobby lobby for 99 cents a piece.


 With a baby shower brunch there are so many yummy options. We had quite an assortment of goodies. We had homemade Quiche bites, cucumber roll ups with feta cheese and peppers, chocolate dipped oranges, fruit tarts on sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookie dough dip with chocolate graham crackers (a special request from the mama to be) fruit w/ strawberry dip, mini pancakes with raspberries and of course a delicious vanilla cake.


 I love to utilize local talent when throwing parties, that way you help out a local business as well as keeping a unique feel to your party. I sent the invitations to my friend and she designed the cake to match....and what a fantastic job she did. Local Tallahassee friends you must give her a try I promise you will never order from Publix again! her name is Marilyn Gingrich you can contact me for her contact information.


For Favors we wanted something sweet at a treat. We had custom iced cookies created by Sweet Expectations they were a great addition to the party.

 A simple beverage that is just right for any time of the day is fruit water....the recipe is simple Water ice and fruit.....I told you it was simple.
I like to use cucumbers, strawberries, pear, and mint in mine. You can get as creative as you want you can add blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, lemon, oranges....the list goes on and on. It is a beautiful way to display a very simple drink.

 It was a beautiful day to celebrate! Simple touches made this day perfect for both the mama to be and the big sis to be. 
It was so "tweet"!

 Party Designed by : Magic By Marcy Designs
Cake By: Marilyn Gingrich
Food By : Courtney, Harmony & Marcy

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  1. Oh this all looks so sweet! Those mini pancakes look so yummy and the paper pom poms are a great idea. Thank you for sharing all your amazing ideas, i am organising a friends baby shower so your post has given me so much inspiration! :)

  2. Good to hear, I'm glad you like my ideas. Please let me know if you need any custom invites or other party printables. I can create to match any theme. Check out my store for some ideas,


  3. I like the colors and the way that you've utilized every day materials in the decorations for the baby shower. It really gives me more ideas for things that can be utilized in interesting ways. The colors you've chosen are attractive and suit the occasion well.

  4. One of the best post ever I seen! Thanks to share with us!

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