Sunday, May 3, 2009

The perfect centerpiece

The perfect centerpieces are hard to find, so why not just make your own. These centerpieces are incredibly easy to make and they will keep your guest in awe at your creativity! And will be a great gift for your guest of honor to take with them. Take two packages of diapers we used Huggies organic in newborn and size 3. Roll them lengthways and secure with a clear rubberband. Cut 2 circles out of cardboard (or use ready cut cake rounds usually found at Walmart or Michaels crafts. Hot glue a roll of toilet tissue to the middle of your largest circle, then simply position about 25 of the size 3 diapers around (this usually takes a few hands) Tie around with clear fishing line to secure in place. Make the top layer by simply filling with 16 newborn diapers and securing with fishing line in the same fashion. Viola!!! You are almost done, simple decorate with your favorite fabric or ribbon to finish off your diaper cake!

Party Divas,
Marcy & Lindsey


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