Friday, May 8, 2009

STAR WARS Birthday Ideas

Who says boy's birthdays can't be exciting and fun. My friend Lori was searching for some ideas for her son's STAR WARS themed birthday party. They are having it at a local pool so I put a few ideas together. For Invites try something custom , have the theme extend to every little aspect of your party. You can decorate those plastic pool picnic tables by simple bringing a black tablecloth * for an added touch ahead of time dilute white paint into a spray bottle, spray tablecloth and allow to dry, you will have created a one of a kind galaxy that is sure to impress. Decorate table with your child's favorite STAR WARS figurines, this is a low cost solution that will be the talk of the table. Sprinkle some star confetti for a little pizzaz! For games train your little Jedi's on the ways of the force by teaching them to use their light saber's (cut pool noodles into 2 1/2 foot lengths) this will be a fun activity that will have the kids engaged and will also teach some etiquette when beating their friends in the head with a wet pool noodle!! After some training they are ready to take on Darth Vader (or the biggest kid aka dad you know who looks convincing in a black robe and halloween mask) after some games it is time to hit the pool! You will enjoy watching your children's creativity as they reenact scenes from their favorite STAR WARS films. After some play time it's time for some birthday cupcakes, these are simple. Just make cupcakes in your favorite flavor and decorate with some star wars confetti or mini light sabers on top. If you want to extend your fun after cake play some Jedi relay races. At the end of the party be sure to give each guest their real Jedi Light saber and their award certificate that says they are a tried and true storm trooper fighting Jedi knight! Have Fun and May The Force Be With You!!!!!

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